Chrysler Fender Tags 1969 - 1974

Chrysler fender tags, located on the inner fender on the engine bay, can be valuable sources of information. The following is a description of fender tag characteristics, grouped by their similarities. As a general rule, fender tags are read from bottom to top and left to right.

1969-74 Models
(Except 69-70 Lynch Rd.)

Fender tags were restyled for 1969. On the bottom line to the left, is a three-character code for the engine, followed by a three—character code for the transmission, then the actual VlN. The second line from the bottom starts with a two- or three-digit character paint code (which may be repeated) followed by a three or four character interior code (three for 1969; four for 1970 and later). Next is a two- or three-character interior upper door color or type code (two for 1969; three for 1970 and later). This is followed by the three—digit build date and the vehicle order number. The codes above these, with a couple of exceptions, are the actual selected option order codes. When moving from the bottom to the top of the tag, characters “END," "EN1" or "EN2" will appear if the code listing ends. lf the factory ran out of space on one particular tag, "CTD" may appear, which means the information is continued on another tag. We've never seen more than two fender tags on any car, however.

1969-70 Lynch Road Plant
The 1969 Lynch Rd. plant fender tag is somewhat unique compared to other 1969 tags. The bottom row, to the left, has the four-character car line and model code (same as the VlN first four), followed by a three character engine code. These are followed by a two character transmission code, then the three—digit build date and the vehicle order number. The second line from the bottom starts with the exterior color (usually two characters) followed by a three-character interior code and a two-character upper interior door color code. Above these codes are a few selected codes, usually abbreviated actual option codes. Lynch Road tags typically list very few option codes, regardless of how the car was optioned. The fifth line from the bottom usually contains three groups of three digits for the engine, axle, and transmission build codes. The top line is not yet known. In 1970, Lynch Road tags became more like other plants, but still retained the three group, three·digit engine. axle and transmission codes on the fifth line from the bottom.