RainX Winter Rain Sleet Snow Windshield Wiper Price Blowout!

RainX Winter Rain Sleet Snow Windshield Wiper Price Blowout With Free Shipping


Special Purchase - Price Blowout! (While supplies last)

RainX Winter Wiper Blades

Ultimate Visibility in Rain, Sleet and Snow!®

These are a special purchase only available from CCJD Motorsports! Due to a special 1-time purchase, we are able to bring you these top-of-the-line Genuine RainX Winter blades at phenomenal savings. Limited sizes available. When they're gone, they're gone. As part of this special event, we even offer free Priority Mail Shipping! Compare these prices at other retail and online outlets at $20+ each, plus shipping!


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  • Pre-installed universal adapter fits nearly all vehicles!
  • Build up of ice, sleet and snow can be harsh on your wiper blades and makes it challenging to keep your windshield clear in extreme cold temperatures. That is why the Rain-X Winter blade is specially designed for cold weather performance. It features a high-grade synthetic boot and a thicker squeegee with optimized pressure points. The result is a highly durable blade that resists the elements better than natural rubber, and provides an enhanced, more uniform wipe over traditional wiper blades.
  • Molded heavy duty squeegee with friction reducing coating provide excellent resistance to cracking, tearing and ozone attacks.
  • Molded squeegee provides a consistent, better wipe quality than extruded squeegees.
  • Thicker wiping edge with optimum pressure distribution points deliver a more uniform wipe for better driving visibility.
  • Galvanized steel frame with molded neoprene-dipped (synthetic) rubber boot.


List Price: $22.95
Price: $12.50

For each blade desired, please select the proper size